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Digital marketing for home services

Most of the home service professionals I talk to almost every week are worried about a few common things about their business in the home services industry.

– Why I’m not getting enough bookings?

– What’s lacking in my home services marketing? 

– How to beat my competitors?

– How to grow my business and make more money?

Are these questions keeping you up at night? You might be spending uncountable money on Digital marketing for home services, – but did you receive the expected return? 

That’s ok. You’re a home service professional and don’t have time to be a marketing expert. But you deserve to get the expected results from home services marketing. Let us do this for you. 

At Rankrezz, our home services marketing agency specializes in local business optimization, social media marketing, SEO, and content marketing, to help you outrank all niche competitors. 

Why invest in Digital marketing for the home services industry?

Investing in marketing for the home services industry is crucial for building brand awareness and attracting new customers. A well-planned marketing campaign can help you reach a wider audience and differentiate your business from competitors. 

It also allows you to showcase your unique selling points and the quality of your services. 

A strong digital marketing strategy can drive traffic to your website, increase lead generation, and build trust with potential customers. In a highly competitive industry, investing in digital marketing can help you stand out, gain a competitive edge, and ultimately grow your business.

Top 15 Home Services Marketing Strategy

Local SEO for Home Services Marketing

home services seo & local seo

Suppose you have a garage door repair business in Florida. Do you see your business name on the search results when you search – garage door repair near me? 

No? That means you need home services SEO for your business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves optimizing your website for specific keywords. It helps to increase the visibility of your website in search engine results for specific geographic locations. 

Do you know why it is important? 

Cause online search is one of the top ways where homeowners look for home service providers, and most of them search for home service providers near their location. That’s why having a strong local SEO presence can help you reach these potential customers.

Manage Your Business Listings

Business listings are important for home services businesses. Having your business information listed accurately and consistently on directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, and Bing Places can help improve your local search ranking and increase your visibility to potential customers. 

Accurate business listings also make it easier for customers to find and contact you, which can lead to increased leads and sales. 

It can also improve your online reputation by allowing customers to leave reviews and ratings, which can help build trust and credibility with potential customers. 

Boost Your Home Services Business With Better Reviews.

Once your business is found in the search results, you have won the half battle. The next task is to gather positive reviews on your business.  

Do you know around 70% of homeowners rely on recommendations from family or at least one review site? And 90% of people trust online reviews. 

In simple words, the more positive reviews you have, the more potential customers tend to shortlist you for the services. 

Paid Advertising

home services advertising service

Paid home services advertising is another way of making your business found on search results for relevant keyword searches. With platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, you can display your advertisements to people who are actively searching for the services you offer in your area. 

In PPC advertising, you can choose particular keywords on which you want to show up in search results. 

When people click on your ads, you can direct them to your landing page to reach out for more details about your service. But the good thing is you only pay when someone clicks on your ads. Otherwise, you don’t pay a cent. 

One of the major advantages of paid advertisement is it can help you generate leads and sales more quickly than traditional marketing methods, and it can help you reach customers who may have yet to find your business. 

Google Local Services Ads

home services marketing on google local service ad

You can make your PPC campaign more effective by running Google Local Service Ads. This advertising is not available for all kinds of businesses, but you got lucky. Home services are not one of them.

These ads display above Google ads and are meant to provide all the information a user would need to contact your business. But here, you only pay when a user converts rather than clicks.

To run this ad, you need to go through some verification processes to verify your licensing and insurance information. With this, your audience will know an extra layer of trust and protection comes with working with your business.

Build a User-Friendly Website

home services website seo

Now that you have got the customer’s attention and directed them to your website, you must have an eye-catchy and user-friendly website. As most of the search happens on mobile, it’s obvious your site must be responsive and look equally good as the web version. 

Unlike others, make sure your contact details are in front of the site and clearly visible to the visitors. So that when someone is looking for home services help in a rush, he doesn’t have any trouble reaching you. 

Add Live Chat To Your Website

conversational marketing with live chat | digital marketing for home service professionals

Adding a live chat to your website for your home services business can greatly improve customer experience and lead generation. 

Live chat provides customers with quick and convenient access to your business, allowing them to ask questions and receive immediate answers without making a phone call or sending an email. 

This can help increase the likelihood of customers reaching out to you and increase your chances of closing a sale.

“63% of customers were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.”—Emarketer

Additionally, having a live chat feature can help you respond to customer inquiries in real-time and provide valuable insights into customer needs and preferences, which can inform future marketing and sales strategies. 

Respond quickly to customers.

When a person asks for home service, he might have an emergency and need that service immediately. Now if you aren’t quick enough, you might lose the lead. 

According to research, 50% of consumers will do business with the company that responds to them first.

So the best way to convert a customer into leads is to respond quickly with professionalism and offer the best service you can provide. 

Deliver Great Customer Service

Now that you have got the leads, your priority should provide the best service you can provide. From start to end, being on top of your game every step of the way helps you impress customers and develop long-term, loyal relationships.

Great customer service can help you get repeat customers and good online reviews–plus, it can encourage referrals, which are all key components of a great home services marketing strategy.

Excellent customer service drives repeat business, positive reviews, and referrals- which are crucial elements of a successful home services marketing plan.

Manage referrals

Referrals can be a great asset for any home service business. Customers, when looking for trustworthy home service providers, they easily rely on the recommendation of their close ones, who have already taken the service. –your challenge is to be that recommendation. 

You already know that 70% of homeowners rely on recommendations from family.

That means, to grow your home service business, you must ask for referrals. 

Email Marketing

home services industry email marketing

Email marketing is another way to beat out the competition in the home service industry to nurture potential leads. 

It allows you to communicate directly with your target audience and build relationships with potential and current customers. It provides an opportunity to promote your services, share special offers and promotions, and educate your audience on the benefits of your business. 

By segmenting your email list and targeting specific groups, you can personalize your messaging and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

Content marketing

content marketing in home services marketing

Content marketing is crucial for home services businesses as it provides a platform to educate and engage with potential customers. Creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content allows you to establish your business as an industry leader and build trust with your target audience. 

For example, if you are a garage door repair service provider, you can create a blog, an infographic content about how to repair garage doors, install new doors, etc. 

By providing valuable information and resources to your audience, you can attract new customers, retain existing ones, and differentiate your business from competitors. 

Content marketing can be used to promote your services, generate leads, and build brand awareness, making it a crucial component of any home services marketing strategy.

Video Marketing

home services digital marketing with video marketing

Do you know 80% of viewers can recall video ads they’ve seen in the last 30 days and retain 95% of a message compared to 10% for those who read text.?

Now there shouldn’t be any doubt about if video marketing is worth it. Videos allow you to deliver a message in less time and more efficiently, demonstrating the quality of your work and expertise in the field.

You can use video marketing to educate your target audience and prospects on the best ways to care for their homes. 

Not only this, it provides a platform to highlight the skills and knowledge of your employees, further establishing your business as a reliable provider of home services. 

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing for home service professionals

If your business still needs to be added to social media, you are missing something big. This is the time you should jump on social media platforms. Do you know, Worldwide, people spend an average of 2 hours and 28 minutes daily on social media? 

Social media marketing is a must for home services businesses as it provides a platform to connect with your target audience and showcase your brand to a wider audience. 

“63% of customers expect businesses to offer customer service through social media.”

By regularly posting content on social media, you can keep your followers informed about your services, promotions, and industry news. Social media also allows you to interact with customers, respond to their inquiries and feedback, and build a strong community. 

It provides valuable insights into your target audience’s behavior and preferences, which can help you make informed marketing decisions and improve your overall marketing strategy.

Social Media Contest Or Giveaway

A contest or giveaway is always a great option if you’re looking for a unique way to use social media for your home services marketing.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Tiktok can help you to grow your audience and to promote your business. 

At Rankrezz, we understand how difficult it can be to drive sales and the importance of a well-executed strategy of Digital marketing for home services. We offer various marketing solutions to help you reach your marketing goals. 

From improving your search engine ranking to building brand awareness, our team of experts is here to help you succeed. 

Are you looking for a marketing partner to help your business? Look no further than Rankrezz. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your home service business thrive.

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